A couple weeks back into training and I ache from head to toe!  I ran a Cross Country race on the weekend and shocked the body into remembering what racing feels like….I was taken down at the line by a couple young whipper-snappers–apparently I don’t have much of a kick!  It hurt so bad that my lungs were on fire…and I want to do it again!!  Nothing like racing to motivate me more!

In other news, Lil’ Blue, my car, has hit a milestone….100,000km…here’s hoping for 100,000km more!!

100,000km....and the wheels keep on turnin'

This weekend was also our annual pumpkin carve-off.  By our informal survey of the local trick-or-treating kids, this year was a tie….you be the judge….

Which one is the best??

That’s all for this week.  So far, ol’ man winter has been kind in Calgary…..keep your fingers crossed…