So after recovering from the Plague, I jumped back into training with the group.  I felt like I had to start from the beginning and reset a bit. There was some good workouts, some not-so-great workouts and workouts where I thought I might have pushed to hard coming out of being sick. But I’ve made it through and am finally starting to feel normal again and can handle the training load. Here are a few things that I have learned about New Zealand so far:

–Unlike Australia, nothing here wants to eat you, so running in the sand dunes (long grass) is ok and you don’t need to watch out for brown snakes!

–There are lots of hills in Chch…and we bike and run them all….

–Earthquakes are cool but not when you think the house might fall down

–The seagulls will stalk and pester you while you run on the beach….I was chased by 2 last week…

–Music while swimming makes workouts more enjoyable, especially when it’s all music from the 90′s!  I’ve heard more Nirvana and U2 here than I have in a long time!

–Unpleasant things happen in 3′s:  My illness, my power taps subsequent illness (I think it was a sympathy thing, all cleared up now), and my bike is making all sorts of noise (still working on this one).  Hopefully only good luck from now on!

–The weather here is like Calgary’s in the summer…unpredictable…hot one minute, cold and raining the next minute…

Some pics for your viewing pleasure:

Our swimming bay, we use the boats as buoys

Blind runners and their guides during the Marathon for the Parathletics Championships in Christchurch last weekend
The girls out for a spin
Self portrait on the bike
Pavlova…yummy NZ treat, especially good homemade!

That’s all to report this week….more to come from NZ soon!