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I went into the race with not the best preparation.  I was sick with fever and chills the week before and could hardly climb the stairs to my room without having to rest at the top!  A week out of the race, I had to pull the plug on a key session as I thought I might not make it home.  But after a solid weekend of rest and recovery, I was starting to feel better.  Sometimes when you are sick, you bounce back stronger and faster than before, but sometimes it takes a little longer to recover.  I was optimistic on the speedy supercompensation theory for Madrid.  I was mentally prepared and psyched for the #9 start number and the awesome hill on the bike–hard hilly bike courses are my favourite!


All did not go according to plan though.  To keep this brief, I felt flat in the water and was not very sharp all day, was really weak on the bike and was


More Photos from Wanaka

New Zealand 2011 106

Here are a few pics from my last days at the Snow Farm and in Wanaka. We left the Snow Farm on my birthday, but we first celebrated the day with a beautiful run in the snow!


Now, I’m in Noosa.  Will update more on this portion of my trip later!



Feel the Burn, a Milestone & the Great Pumpkin Carve Off…

A couple weeks back into training and I ache from head to toe!  I ran a Cross Country race on the weekend and shocked the body into remembering what racing feels like….I was taken down at the line by a couple young whipper-snappers–apparently I don’t have much of a kick!  It hurt so bad that my lungs were on fire…and I want to do it again!!  Nothing like racing to motivate me more!

In other news, Lil’ Blue, my car, has hit a milestone….100,000km…here’s hoping for 100,000km more!!

This weekend was also our annual pumpkin carve-off.  By our informal survey of the local trick-or-treating kids, this year was a tie….you be the judge….

That’s all for this week.  So far, ol’ man winter has been kind in Calgary…..keep your fingers crossed…




Phew….made it through my last trans-Atlantic flight of the season!!   Here’s how it went down in Budapest:   After racing 5 of the 7 ITU World Championship Series races this year, I managed to score points (have a top 20 bike split) in all 5 races.  That was 5/5 being the front bike pack, one of my goals for 2010.  For that I received a trophy, the title of ITU World Championships Series Best Biker and $5000!!  Laura Bennett took the Best Swimmer & Paula Findlay the Best Runner title. Check out the final rankings here.

Now back to the Budapest race.  A less than stellar swim–I never even heard the “on your marks” and got caught in the the buoy chaos, had to swim around girls on the second lap and came out WAY back.  Fortunately I had the hard working Paula Findlay in the same situation.  We jumped on our bikes and pushed hard the first 5-8k to close the gap, first to a small chase


Buda Weather Forecaster

Having some technical difficulties with WordPress and picture posting…so here are some pics in random order first…need to change the font size and colour too….grrrr…..
The view of Buda from the Chain Bridge
The Chain Bridge
The tunnel at the bike turn around…on a dry day!

I’ve noticed a pattern, an association, a correlation that has arisen over my last few years of travel. The weather is inversely proportional to the number of pairs of jeans/cold weather gear I bring.  If I bring one pair of jeans, I end up wearing that pair of jeans for the entire trip.  If I bring 2 pair, I never even pull them out of my bag….Case in point: the Budapest weather.  When I was in Kitzbuhel we watched the European swim champs on TV, they were in Budapest, it was sunny & warm, the crowd was fanning themselves with their programs.  So when I packed for Budapest, I had…


Seeing Black….and Orange…

Race #2 completed. Let me tell you, it was easier said than done in the “European heat wave”! With temperatures soaring into the mid-30′s it made for a HOT run! I had an excellent start in the swim, a solid bike where not much happened and then was first out of T2….I knew it was going to be a hot one, so I figured it was an all or nothing type deal…either I went for it and felt like a million bucks in the heat or I went for it and blew up in the heat. Well, it ended up being somewhere in the middle, not a great run but not a bad run for the conditions and how I felt (the run course was apparently ~10.5k). I hung on, just as I started seeing stars and things were about to fade to black, for an 8th place finish! I also missed out on being Dutch Champion (a feat I have yet to conquer!), a young Dutch girl had a great day and ran up from the second pack to…