Since you’ve been gone….

I’ve been taking a bit of heat about not updating my blog.  We’ll call it writers block! 

I’ll start with a summary of Kitzbuhel in point form:

  1. +Love this race, good to have Richard out with me.


  1. +Felt good coming into the race


  1. +Stomach was “rumbling” the night before and all race morning, spent a lot of time in the bathroom pre-race, not good but hoped for the best. Richard told me after (trying not to panic me) that he too had some issues…something we ate??


  1. +swim: sketchy first lap, swallowed half the lake, saw where I was at the run out, said some choice words as I dove back into the water.  Managed to work my way back onto the main pack (along with Paula Findlay, the race winner), but the BACK of the main pack….always doing it the hard way!!


Love That Mountain Air!!

Where did I leave off??  My Internet connection/blog inspiration has been sporadic at best the past few weeks-my apologies.  How about a little summary of my fast & furious 4 weeks of racing in Europe?  It’s a long one….

The trip started in Athlone, Ireland and as I posted previously, Race #1 ended with a DNF.  I did get to experience the local bus transport, found out that I can barely understand Irish cabbies, there is cctv on every corner in Athlone, the locals are very friendly, and it’s a wee bit cold in Ireland!  Also, in retrospect, I gambled with the jetlag effect on this race, unfortunately I lost.  Race lesson learned: arriving via trans-Athlantic flight 3 days before the race leaves me not-so-sharp for race day.

Moving on from Ireland I was greeted by my father at the Amsterdam airport and we drove to Lemelerveld, where my relatives live.  This happened to be ~25’ north of Race #2, Holten ITU World Cup, perfect.  The weather was hot, hot, hot, 30+ everyday and hardly any wind.  My parents and my…


Leader of the Pack…for 5.5km anyway…

The first race of the year done.

Here’s a quick summary of the race:

Swim: Awesome start, got through the surf unscathed and out front. Couple swimmers to my left that came to the first buoys first, so I tucked in behind. It was probably the most civilized World Cup swim I’ve ever been in. It’s so much nicer at the front of the pack! Only problem was around 1k, my swim cap came right off my head, so I had 500m of swimming with my hair swirling around my eyes and face. I screwed up my exit from the water (mainly due to the fact that I had a mat of hair blocking my view!) and it put me a bit farther back on the exit but still front pack.

Bike: I had to work a bit to make up the ground I lost coming out of the water but got on the lead pack fairly quickly. The ride was a bit disappointing, no one really willing to work. I tried to get the group going but the effort…