The dog days of winter….


Well, I don’t know what to say…been slacking on the ol’ blog lately. I’ve been stuck in what I call the ‘winter doldrums’. If you’ve never been there, lucky you, it involves limited exposure to sunlight, wearing the ugliest, warmest boots you can find and jackets that aren’t flattering on any body. In December I wore long thermal long-underwear for 3 weeks straight…day & night. The motivation can get pretty low at  this time of year…but then I remember that I choose to live here and actually love winter sports (just not when it’s -30!). So what have I been doing the last few months??  I took a good long break from all things triathlon (except coaching my fav Kronos athletes!) and bundled up and headed outside whenever I could tolerate it. It was a good mental and physical break.  I finally felt ready to jump back into it when I acquired a plague which decided to stick around for all of January.  So after an even later start than I’d hoped, I’m finally back up and running (literally and figuratively!). …

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Sweater Weather….


Well, the 2013 season has officially come to an end.  The season started off with a big challenge–the tearing of my plantar fascia (the fascia in the arch of the foot) has been by far the most challenging injury I’ve had to date.  But I learned a lot about the anatomy of the foot, perseverance, and how much I love feeling healthy and racing at 100%.

The year finished on a high note, with a sunny trip to Miami and a last minute race in the Cayman Islands.  The Miami race started off well with a solid, controlled swim & bike where I went onto the run in 2nd place.  From there the sun came out and I had a slight ‘melt-down’ on the run but hung on for a 5th place.  I was seriously worried about how high my heart rate was for the entire half marathon!! It was a little disappointing that the ‘elements’ of this race got the better of me, especially since I had finally got in a good uninterrupted run block in before this race, but that’s part…

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Feet don’t you ever break, drag me over that line…


Hmmm…Where to start?  What’s been going on with me? Well since St George and my foot injury, I haven’t felt like there was anything exciting to write about.  When all your plans get thrown out the window, uncertainty makes it hard to plan anything, and as someone who loves a well thought out plan, I found myself a bit lost and frustrated. I’ve slowly gone about my business, trying to be patient and let my foot heal. So yeah, the foot was hurt and it’s taken WAY longer than I would have liked to heal and to get back to the run/race form I was at in late-March. Spring brought a lot of cycling and some flooding and tons of mountain time….

This view never gets old for me!!

After a few weeks off, followed by some frustrating false starts, I finally got to the point where I just wanted to run and to race.  I was still having pain in my foot but it was manageable, so I took it day by day.  By  July, I…

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The Unlucky Penny


A belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like….

I wasn’t always superstitious, maybe just a little obsessive compulsive about certain things, but no “must put left sock on first” type stuff.  Sport has definitely made me superstitious….bad things happen in 3′s, black cat’s crossing my path, and most recently picking up pennies that are heads down…

I’ve a had a recent run of what I can only call “spontaneous injuries”, meaning they were caused by something sudden and unforeseen, not a nagging knee pain or niggle I neglected to take care of, but in these cases it was caused by just plain bad luck.  A trip, where I landed hard on a downhill slope fracturing my hip, a crash where I was body slammed by a flying Belgian breaking my arm, and the latest where I was running an awesome track session, where I tore my plantar fascia on the very last interval. After this injury, I was pretty bummed, I searched for reasons for my bad…

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Pleasurable Suffering….


An update from Maui. I’ve been on the island for 15 days and have fully entered my self-absorbed training camp mode. The training camp routine: Eat, sleep, train & repeat in any order. So far it’s been a great camp, great coaches, training partners and roommates,and a good kick in the pants to get 2013 off on the right foot. I could write a book on some of the awesome days we’ve had here and the so-called “pleasurable suffering” I’ve willingly put myself thru but instead I’ll let the photos do the talking (all photo credits go to my best training partner, uber athlete & roomie Heather Leiggi).

The Dynamic Trio off on a little spin around the island…

Our adapted Hawaiian cat…we named her Pele, she has brought us good karma with the Hawaiian gods and got us safely up Haleakala!

I celebrated another birthday abroad.  It was a fun night…even got a passionfruit chocolate cake made for me and some presents from my super generous training group & coach!  So grateful! 

Back to the pleasurable…

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Finally a 2013 Update!


A 2013 update is long overdue…I know! It’s still January, so it’s still a new year’s post right?!
Normally, I don’t make NY resolutions but this year I actually did! It was to have a better year than 2012, no crashes, no fractures, and nothing but awesome racing and training. To be honest, I was just happy the 2012 season was over and I could start once again from scratch. So let it be resolved that 2013 is simply going to be great.

As it was off-season for me the last couple months and the holiday season; this update will involve family, outdoor fun, and a hairy house guest that stayed with us over the holidays!

A few generations of Mensink women on NYE (and one cute dog):

 A family Christmas photo?  The best we got…Me, Richard and honorary member Mr. Shaggy:

Playing with the Niece & Nephew Christmas morning:

The boys and your truly at a Canmore gathering:

Some Lake Louise snowshoeing fun:

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When I get knocked down, I get up again….& again…&again…

NZ 2012 084

The 2012 summary is pretty quick.  I went down 3 times and got up 3 times. Since there was not a whole lot of racing and shining moments, it simply was a year of persistence & perseverance.  The year started off with a stress fracture and a labral tear in the hip as a result of a spill while running, it took time and hard work but I recovered from this injury just in time for the last 2 London qualifying races and then we all know what happened in San Diego.  Luckily for me, I had amazing friends, my husband, and my mom there to pick me up after this knock down. I was determined to bounce back from this one too, I switched my focus to 70.3 and cross country run races instead.  My tri season officially finished at the Miami 70.3–a fun race, a nice city and a 4th place finish. My run season officially ended last weekend in Vancouver for XC nationals and I managed to squeeze in one more fall before this race too…right on my butt on some ice,…

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Solar Powered

StG 2

After a fantastic summer/September the weather in Calgary started to turn…the mornings were chilly, the wind had a bite to it and the days were getting WAY too short. When the white stuff hit the ground last week, I packed up the car, abandoned my husband, and drove 1800km south….the long solo drive was worth every boring second….

So it’s official, I’m solar powered!  It’s amazing how much easier a long ride, kilometer repeats and endless meters in the pool feel when it’s 28 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!

Up next…Miami 70.3…hopefully I’m fuelled by humidity too!!


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I Feel it in my bones


Hmmm…where did I leave off…oh right, Calgary 70.3…Here’s a quick recap of the last few action packed months!

I jumped back into racing action (albeit a little prematurely) for the Calgary 70.3.  The swim was ok considering the limited (or lack) of swim training I’ve been doing lately, the bike was solid after only a few weeks riding outside on my TT bike, and the run showed I still had some work to do before I was back to form!  I finished off in 5th position in a fairly competitive women’s field.  The arm was healing, although I can now predict the weather…my elbow aches when there is rain coming, but I still had some work to do on my fitness!!

After that  it was a quick trip to Lake Winnipeg, a nice and relaxing visit with family and a fun cycling group to jump in with–VB 8:00 @ the Gate!

Victoria Beach–Lake Winnipeg

Victoria Beach 8:00 @ the Gate crew!

Being home this summer has also left a bit of…

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And we go back to the start….


The blog has been a bit quite lately…so here’s a little update…

Since getting the all-clear to return to full training 6 weeks post crash (or PC from now on!), I found myself having to start from the beginning one more time this year. So it’s a return to training which is awesome but it hasn’t been a smooth return! 6 weeks is the most time I’ve spent out of the water in 25 years…needless to say, my swimming is less than stellar right now…tough for me to see the slow times after being in my best triathlon swim shape pre-crash, but I’ve put my head down and hope to slowly regain my strength and speed. I was able to ride on my trainer 2 weeks PC but once back on the pavement, I found out that I had been heavily leaning on my good arm and was a little squirrely out there the first few rides! Not to worry, I’ve worked out the kinks! My running only had a minor disruption PC, nothing that Wendy @ Riverside Sports couldn’t fix, but I’m…

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