Since I’m experiencing a wee bit of writers block for my blog, I’ll doing something one of the local papers here does in the sport section. It’s called ‘by the numbers’; I’ll sum up my last week by the numbers that tell the tale….

1327–distance in kilometers from Calgary to Winnipeg.

0–the hours/minutes/seconds I spent on the internet, checking e-mails, watching TV last week at the beach.

2/3–games of Crib won by me after Richard taught me how to play.

3–significant wildlife spotting’s in the last week & 1/2. 2 bald eagles, one in Calgary and one in Victoria beach (fighting an osprey!) and 1 brown-coloured black bear crossing the road during one of rides in Vic Beach!

77–meters to the top of the Golden Boy’s torch on the top of the Winnipeg Legislature Building.

2–place I finished at the Victoria Beach 5k run…the girl who won totally ran behind me and then sprinted the last 400m (normally my tactic)…I just ate a bowl of bran flakes and was in no mood for sprinting! I don’t recommend a high fiber breakie before running a ‘fun run’….makes it not so fun!!

3–pictures summing up my little break:
Richard on one of the many Victoria Beach glacial erratics…Precambrian shield rock!
Phone booth in the woods…ahh…love the beach life!

The golden boy at 77m high…
4.5–weeks until the ITU World Championships Grand Finale on the Gold Coast, Australia!
Back to work for me!