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Going to race like a lion on Sunday...

The view of Buda from the Chain Bridge
The Chain Bridge
The tunnel at the bike turn around…on a dry day!

I’ve noticed a pattern, an association, a correlation that has arisen over my last few years of travel. The weather is inversely proportional to the number of pairs of jeans/cold weather gear I bring.  If I bring one pair of jeans, I end up wearing that pair of jeans for the entire trip.  If I bring 2 pair, I never even pull them out of my bag….Case in point: the Budapest weather.  When I was in Kitzbuhel we watched the European swim champs on TV, they were in Budapest, it was sunny & warm, the crowd was fanning themselves with their programs.  So when I packed for Budapest, I had memories of sweaty sports fans and warm blue water….I just swam in that beautiful blue pool (well, the training pool anyway), I had to swim hard to keep the goose bumps away and then I did a quick change and biked back to the hotel in the rain.  Took a quick shower to warm up, put my wet tights back on (the only pair I brought) and went out for the course familiarization ride (the streets are too busy to ride outside of race day, so we get a police escort to scope the course before).  Could be interesting if it rains on race day–I witness 2 crashed today and we were riding at 10km/hr!

Rain, rain, go away!! The bike course from my hotel window

Anyway, been in Buda since Monday and it’s been grey, this hasn’t really helped with the jet lag but I’ve had plenty of time to shift the body over, so no worries there!  Race day Sunday at 2pm local time, that 6am MST.  If you feel like getting up early to watch goto:  www.triathlon.org/tv to watch live, if not, check the results while eating brekkie.

That’s all for now from Beautiful Budapest, race day weather may be sunny…I forgot my running visor, so it almost guarantees it will be!

Lisa ; )