Blue is the my favorite color. It’s a color that makes me feel warm, calm and relaxed. I like to think about “blue” when things get uncomfortable….like during a massage (unlike what most people think, my massages are anything but relaxing!), or a particularly though session with my athletic therapist (Wendy @ Riverside Sports Therapy, she’s the best), or when I really want to stop during a intervals with Coach Paul on the track….think blue, blue ocean, blue sky, Noosa blue, warm blue, relax….

Ahhh….doesn’t that make you feel relaxed??

Getting into this frame of mind has been a challenge for me the last few days. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve been downright blue about this:

The weather in Calgary has made me feel like this:

They promise me some blue skies tomorrow….hopefully that tames my springtime-in-Calgary blues! In the meantime, I’ll keep thinking blue and keep the angry blue monster at bay….blue skies, warm blue oceans, yummy blueberries…..