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Lisa’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: May ’11-May ’12

SD Swim

The title pretty much summarizes my last 12 months of racing.  2011 started off promising, an 11th place finish (with a silly penalty) at the WTS race in Sydney.  The rest of the 2011 season was then plagued by a lost shoe incident, a poor immune system, and racing at less than 100% (see previous blog posts for details!).  By the end of the season in mid-September, I hadn’t seen the results I knew I was capable of, I was sick again, and exhausted.

From there I took a much needed extended break. Then finally in December, I felt healthy, I wanted to exercise, I got my nutrition back on track, I wanted to get fit and race & train smart and to my full potential.  The fire was back and I had a lot of work to do. I built up slow, knowing there was lots of time until Sydney in April.  My first hurdle in 2012 came in the form of a stress fracture & labral tear in my hip (from a fall in December).  Not a great start & a pretty big challenge to start the season.  It involved…

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Things I probably should have blogged about but didn’t….

Oz2012 009

So I finally downloaded some pictures from various devices and realized that a lot of them were taken for the sole purpose of a blog post or tweet or FB update….most never made it to any form of social media…So today, your update is full of photos I took and never posted, plus a little update on my whereabouts and what’s up next.  Enjoy.   The following pics are of my favourite things in Noosa and things I will miss very much (it may have been my last trip there…)
mmmm….Costa Noosa coffee….how I miss you….
Best used bookstore! Tons of good reads found here over the years!
Noosa Junction. Shops, bakeries, coffee..
Main Beach, Noosa. Even when the waves got big & I was smashed onto the bottom, it’s still my favourite beach!
The Noosa Aquatic Center. So much pain & so much joy. Even if the swim set was killer, swimming outside always made it better!


Now for a Sydney…

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Race #1-Sydney WTS

Noosa has been putting on a show for us the last few weeks–it’s making it hard to leave!  Richard is off tomorrow and I head down to Sydney on Wednesday night. Not certain when I will return to Noosa, so I’ve been making the most of my last few days….so many flat whites to drink…

Race Day is Saturday April 14th in Sydney.  7.36am local time.  Here’s the ITU link to get more info on coverage and time zones: Sydney WTS Race

Here’s to the start of a great season!


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One Step at a Time.

Oz2012 002

Some may be wondering why you haven’t seen my name on any race results as of late….I’ll admit, I’ve been withholding a wee bit of  information…but the cat seems to be out of the bag now…

Speaking of which, this is Ezra…I’m not much of a cat person but this scrawny guy won me over! He lives at Pete’s place in Noosa.

I have been dealing with a pretty serious injury which I sustained/obtained during a fall while running in the desert of St George, Utah just before Christmas.  Thinking it would heal with a few days off running, I made the trip to NZLD to join the Dutch team anyway in early January. After a few more weeks of no running and suffering  just walking, I went for an MRI.  The results were a double negative (two negatives make a positive right?!).  I had an early indication of a stress reaction in my femoral neck and a labral tear was also evident. This lead to a total of 9 weeks without any running.  Not exactly the ideal build-up for my Olympic qualification…

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NZ, I bid you adieu…

NZ2012 011

I am post-due for an update.  My apologies!  It’s been a whole lot of triathlon-ing here in Nelson and now it’s time for a change of scenery.  The weather here has been good but the leaves are changing and the air & sea have a slight chill to them…Although Nelson has been good to me, it’s time to head west across the Tasman Sea to Australia.  That’s right, Noosa is calling my name!

For now, here are some random pics from around Nelson:

 My favourite barn house.  The sad-looking palm tree makes this photo…

The sod roof of the Woollaston Winery just outside of Nelson…

Riding with my buddy on a beautiful day along the sea, doesn’t get much better than this!….

Some country art…

Thanks New Zealand & New Zealanders for the great experiences!  I may be back in October for the World Champs Series Final in Auckland….till then I bid you adieu!

Next up: Australia!!



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A View From the Bike

NZ 2012 104

Here are some views from my last bike ride in the Nelson area:

Wine anyone?  I think the grapes are just coming into season as all the vineyards are starting to cover there grapes with white mesh, I assume to keep the birds away…

No complaints from me when your views are like this….

Billy the Goat…. 

I planned my whole ride to pick up some plums on the way home…there are fruit stands everywhere, plums are currently in season…

$2, yes please!

And finally, I finished my latest knitting project, a scarf!  Now onto headbands!

More from NZ later…


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A week+ in NZ….

NZ 2012 053

An update from the last few days in NZ (on a VERY SLOW Internet connection…appreciate these picture uploads!!). We left Wanaka and the Snow Farm and headed to the Northern end of the South Island to the metropolis of Nelson! So far the weather and atmosphere in Nelson are great! We had our first ocean swim this week…the last time I was in salt water was in Yokohama!

Here are the photos from the week:

Hanging out with these guys at the Queenstown airport enroute to Nelson.  For those of you who haven’t flown on a domestic NZ flight, it’s heaven!  No security checks, be there 20′ before your flight, great views, pick up your luggage straight off the cart outside the terminal, plus you get a candy before landing!

The docks in Queenstown

My personal nightmare….look at all those birds!!


Touchdown in Nelson…downtown…

Free range chickens on one of my cycling routes…no chickens out the on this day(mid-day sun too hot), but I saw them running around the day before…they looked happy!

Makes a…

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A Day at the Snow Farm

NZ 2012 037

The Snow Farm is located at 1600m and in the winter is a XC ski facility that one day I will come back and ski at!  The road up to the Snow Farm is 13+km on a gravel road, and depending on who is driving and what you are driving, it takes about 13-22 minutes to drive up from the main highway below.  From the bottom it is a further 20km to the nearest town, Wanaka.  So, the logistics of sleeping “high” and training “low” (300m in Wanaka) can be a little tricky.  So here is a day at the Snow Farm in pictures:

It starts by organizing all the gear and food needed for the day down the hill….also results in one messy room!

Next is packing up the van with bikes and gear for the ride down…

Then it’s some van time for the journey down…usually to the pool in Wanaka first followed by a bike or run or both….

Then it’s park the cars, pull the bikes/gear out and get ready for the workout! …

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Adventures in NZ, part I-Wanaka & the Snow Farm

NZ 2012 002

 The trip started out with some clear skies for my window seat view over the Rocky Mountains and over Southern California and then after a long wait in LA and a overnight flight, great views over New Zealand’s south island and into Queenstown.

 The Snow Farm from above.  Our home for the next two weeks….

 After a long couple days flying I was left the keys to the van and went straight to driving on the left….

 So far the weather here has been great, perfect for getting back into the swing of training camp…although the long daylight hours are messing with my head….from dark at 5pm  in Calgary to dark after 10pm here!

Below is the contoured XC ski slopes of the snow farm, one year I’ll have to come back in the winter!

 My favourite view of Mount Aspiring…. 


A stop along one of our cycling routes…

Just a quick one from NZ.  Until next time!


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Been a long time since I last updated!  Richard and I took our annual trip down south in search of warmer temps and awesome trails & roads to run & ride on.  We headed to St George, Utah as our first stop.  Although a little on the cool side (but much nicer than Calgary weather!), we got in some great spins on our mountain bikes and our road bikes…blue skies the whole time!  Great trails, great geology, and tons of fun….

Shorts & t-shirt riding in December!

An newly discovered (for us!) slickrock area near St George!  It was fantastic!

Then, as the winds in Utah picked up we took a side trip to San Diego (via Las Vegas) to visit friends, check out the new ITU course venue, and enjoy the coast.  We were welcomed with open arms by Chris & Cathy….we felt so at home, we almost didn’t leave….

Scouting the run course….

A little break along the coast….

Me, Richard & a Christmas Donkey!

Now, we’re back in Calgary for some winter weather, family holiday…

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