Sorry about going AWOL the last few weeks…I needed the down time though! I’m still fighting what I call the ‘Beijing Hack’ so that has kept me lying low! I also had to get the ‘free’ haircut that I got in Beijing fixed before I saw anyone….

Here are a few random pictures from Beijing.
Art on the Athlete village grounds:

A piece of art at the 798 Art District in Beijing:The male contingent of my cheer squad all decked out in orange:
Mom and Dad in Beijing:
After the race and after they cleaned my arm wound out:
Well, off to Edmonton for Jord’s soccer tournament and then to Victoria for a meeting with the coach and help Erin move back to Calgary (yeah!). Easing back into training but still working out some post-crash issues in my shoulder and knee!! I also have to buy some baby gifts as Nicole’s little guy made a early (but healthy) entrance to the world on the weekend! Lil’ Dex is officially the 4th member of my future 2028 Olympic relay team!!