The blog has been a bit quite lately…so here’s a little update…

Since getting the all-clear to return to full training 6 weeks post crash (or PC from now on!), I found myself having to start from the beginning one more time this year. So it’s a return to training which is awesome but it hasn’t been a smooth return! 6 weeks is the most time I’ve spent out of the water in 25 years…needless to say, my swimming is less than stellar right now…tough for me to see the slow times after being in my best triathlon swim shape pre-crash, but I’ve put my head down and hope to slowly regain my strength and speed. I was able to ride on my trainer 2 weeks PC but once back on the pavement, I found out that I had been heavily leaning on my good arm and was a little squirrely out there the first few rides! Not to worry, I’ve worked out the kinks! My running only had a minor disruption PC, nothing that Wendy @ Riverside Sports couldn’t fix, but I’m still looking for my speed as I phase back in all 3 sports. So, it’s a slow start but a start back nonetheless!

Here’s a picture summary of what I’ve been upto the past 10weeks PC….


Calcification! Yipee!!


Enjoying the lovely Calgary weather and scenery....


Working on the garden and neglected things in/around the house...


Watching the Canadian Olympic Track trials...


Taking in some local football games....


Some outdoor time with my 2 favourite guys....


Our dog-sitting services have been in high demand this summer. Trying to tire this guy out is a real challenge! Score 1 for us this day!


Getting ready for the Calgary 70.3 race...what do I do with this stuff???

As you can see from the last photo, I will be throwing myself back into racing starting with the Calgary 70.3 on July 29th.  A hometown race for my comeback!!  I can’t wait, I’ve left a lot of sweat out there on this course while training, so it will be fun to race it on Sunday!

Today I’ll leave you with a quote (author not written down…): “Things workout best for those who make the most of the way things workout”.

That’s all for now.