Off season in Calgary means fall colours, a welcome house guest (even if he does make quite a mess!), spending time with Jake (my commuter/cross bike), and the Great Annual Pumpkin Carve-Off (more on this next post!).  Here are some pictures from my downtime in Cowtown.

Shaggy and the fall colours:


Someone passed out after a hard day of exercise, nap, exercise, eat, nap and repeat….He really is the master of recovery!


Good ol’ Jake.  It was a little frosty the other day on my ride to the gym but at least I don’t have to pay for parking!!


Purchasing of the pumpkins for the carve off….I’ll post the final products after the carve-off on the weekend…. 050

That’s all for now.  Not much happening here.  A whole lot of recovery and planning for next season, but more on that once everything is finalized. 2012 is looking better and better….super exciting!

Off to rake the endless covering of leaves in our yard!!