My last full day in Noosa went like this:

An early wake up call and off to my last surf swim session. Since it is “fall” here, the days are getting shorter, so it was still a bit dark as we entered the water at 5:45. After watching an episode of my favourite Aussie show last night, Bondi Rescue, about a shark sighting (turned out to be a seal!), my imagination was in full swing this morning! We started doing some intervals in the water when the sun came up. The sunrise over Noosa National Park was amazing…I wish I had my camera. Then on the very last interval, I caught a nice wave and rode it all the way into the beach. I left my last surf swim satisfied!

Then it was back home for brekky and a quick rest beofre heading off to the track for some intervals. First I had to stop at the used book store to swap out the books I’d finished for one for the trip home. On my way out, I had my head down reading the back of my new book when I looked up and a smiling old blind guy (complete with white cane) was walking briskly towards me. I had to make a quick move to jump out of his way and he must have sensed me, cause he smiled and said “You have a happy day!” and walked on. I said “Thank you, I will!” With that positive greeting, I was off to the grass track for my intervals/steeple chase (the track was wet & full of obstacles like sand and thick grass!). Here’s a pic of the sand trap in Lane 1:

My intervals went awesome, mainly because whenever it hurt, I just thought of the blind guy and it made me smile!
Then I had to say goodbye to Red. I was a little sad but he served me well. Till next year Red!
Next, I finish off my last full day in Noosa with a massage. Ahhh, doesn’t get better than that! Off to Sydney tomorrow and race day on Sunday!

In the words of a Wise-old-blind Man in Noosa:

You have a Happy day!