An update from the last few days in NZ (on a VERY SLOW Internet connection…appreciate these picture uploads!!). We left Wanaka and the Snow Farm and headed to the Northern end of the South Island to the metropolis of Nelson! So far the weather and atmosphere in Nelson are great! We had our first ocean swim this week…the last time I was in salt water was in Yokohama!

Here are the photos from the week:

Hanging out with these guys at the Queenstown airport enroute to Nelson.  For those of you who haven’t flown on a domestic NZ flight, it’s heaven!  No security checks, be there 20′ before your flight, great views, pick up your luggage straight off the cart outside the terminal, plus you get a candy before landing!

NZ 2012 053

The docks in Queenstown

NZ 2012 048

My personal nightmare….look at all those birds!!

NZ 2012 049


Touchdown in Nelson…downtown…

NZ 2012 062

Free range chickens on one of my cycling routes…no chickens out the on this day(mid-day sun too hot), but I saw them running around the day before…they looked happy!

NZ 2012 060

Makes a long ride worth while when this is your turn around point…

NZ 2012 057

And this your viewpoint!  Georgeous day!

NZ 2012 054

And one final picure… I was lucky to be going uphill when this piece of metal got threaded THRU my chain and entangeled in my spokes!  I stopped dead but avoided an endo!

NZ 2012 058

That’s all from Nelson!  Next adventure to come…Golden Bay/Tata Beach next weekend!!  Hopefully no stranded whales will be there…they tend to like to do that there…if there are, I’ll try my best to save them!