I’ve been in Christchurch for almost a week now, it’s a beautiful spot to train.  The Dutch team has a nice little house for us to share, only 1/2 block from the beach.  The sun is strong down here, I was burnt after 30min in the sun, apparently my “winter white” skin provides little protection from the NZ sun. The weather is a bit like Calgary (in the summer), it can be 28 and sunny one day and cold, windy and 13 the next day.  The cycling is great, lots of hills, plus this place is a geologists heaven: earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, sand dunes (to run in), what else can a girl ask for?  As for quakes, there has been a few aftershocks but I have yet to notice.  There is still a lot of damage from the ‘big one’ in September, but things seem to be getting back to normal.

I thought I would make it through the Calgary winter without catching a cold/flu/bug that was going around, I made it up til about 1 &1/2 weeks til I left before getting sick.  Being sick is never a good way to start a camp but it pretty hard to avoid it coming out of a winter indoor training.  I did my best to get healthy before I left and was feeling pretty good once I landed in Christchurch (from now on, abbreviated as Chch), I even got a few days of solid training in.  But today, the cough/cold/virus/bacterial whatever that my seatmate on the 14 hour flight down had, has finally made an appearance.  Grrr…being sick is never fun, but hopefully I ca get it out of my system and get back to work….

Here are a few pictures from my first week in Chch: