So, not great access to internet since arriving in the netherlands…I’ll make this one quick, no pictures either (maybe later in the week!?).

European Champs: First I raced the team relay in Holten on Thursday. It was short and sweet, teams of 4, 2 men, 2 women each racing 300m swim, 10k cycle, 2k run. I went 3rd. There was a bit of gap to the lead group going onto my leg, so I worked the swim hard and closed it fast, then the bike it was 6 of us at a leisurly pace, onto the run I just ran hard, using the race as a tune up for sunday. In the end I had the fastest women’s time of the day and we ended up 6th…only because the boys all came together on the run.
Then Sunday was the Championships. I had a great swim….FINALLY!! I was 1st to the turn bouy and then 4th out of the water! I’ve been working hard on my swim the last few weeks and was finally able to transfer my pool skills to my open water times! Onto the bike, it ended up being a pack of 23 women, I just watched for breaks, but compared to my last 2 races, the pace was not very hard. I had a speedy T2 and was onto the run in 3rd place. I ran hard, it was hot out, had some mentally tough sections, but held on for 10th with a respectible run split.
Up next? Kitzbuhel World Champs Series race. Should be fun!
More later! Now I am in the north of the Netherlands for a quick visit with some family. Then back to work!