A few pics, felt I owed you since the last few posts have been rather boring…

Post ride last weekend in Calgary…we sent 3.5hours dodging rain storm after rain storm. Managed to avoid most, got the edge of one storm that pelted us with hail, but couldn’t avoid the wet roads!
Maddy, after her first real ride, nice and dirty! Had to happen sooner or later!

Maddy, post bath! Note the sunshine post-ride!! Richard’s bike got a good scrubbing too, I’m surprised it still shifted to be honest!

The flowers that I won after a local Victoria 5km race on the track….Here is the ‘run-down’ of how the ‘race’ went. Went out fast with Lucy Smith (I train with her, know I can run with her), fast but tried to keep positive…..uh oh, this really hurts….uh oh, there goes Lucy, that was one fast km…okay, just run your own race….my legs are really tired from this weeks training…how many laps left??!! Ok, just finish it….ok just keep running….good lord, how many more laps?? Just don’t get lapped…hold on for 3rd…finally done…well, that time wasn’t anything special…remember to tell Paul that I’m never doing a track race again….

The aftermath of this weeks training….I don’t recommend, hill repeats & TT on the bike, mile repeats running, some swimming, a 4 hour ride with Brent M where you run out of calories, and a 5k track race in the span of 4 days!!Next post later this week if I muster up the energy to get to the coffee shop!
Take Care,