The Snow Farm is located at 1600m and in the winter is a XC ski facility that one day I will come back and ski at!  The road up to the Snow Farm is 13+km on a gravel road, and depending on who is driving and what you are driving, it takes about 13-22 minutes to drive up from the main highway below.  From the bottom it is a further 20km to the nearest town, Wanaka.  So, the logistics of sleeping “high” and training “low” (300m in Wanaka) can be a little tricky.  So here is a day at the Snow Farm in pictures:

It starts by organizing all the gear and food needed for the day down the hill….also results in one messy room!

NZ 2012 037

Next is packing up the van with bikes and gear for the ride down…

NZ 2012 040

Then it’s some van time for the journey down…usually to the pool in Wanaka first followed by a bike or run or both….

NZ 2012 039

Then it’s park the cars, pull the bikes/gear out and get ready for the workout!  This is pre 147km ride….

NZ 2012 036

All the travel/logistics/training is worth is with views like these….

NZ 2012 034

The start of the road up to Treble Cone downhill ski area….again, somewhere I’ll have to come back and visit in the winter….

NZ 2012 030

Then after driving back up, sorting out the gear, and showering….dinner is already being prepared!  Wish I could have Steve & Victor at my house daily!!

NZ 2012 041


Then once fed and hydrated it’s relaxing time in the lodge….

NZ 2012 042

Then bed time! And repeat again the next day!

One more week up in the mountains and then it’s up to Nelson for NZ training Phase II.

Stay tuned for more!