I’ve finally started to feel like I’ve recovered from the Mooloolaba race. Think I was a little more dehydrated from the race than I thought. I had a rough couple days there but now feel like a million bucks. A couple hard training sessions and massage seemed to have done the job!

Here’s a pic from the ITU site: that’s me leading the bike pack:

Only 8 days left in Oz. The last week of a training camp is always the hardest. Usually your mind/head is ready to get back to home after 6 weeks. I miss Richard, my friends & my family (missed my nephews B-day AGAIN). On the other hand, I really love it here in Noosa, so I’ll be sad to leave. I’m onto my ‘lasts’….the last Saturday group ride, the last surf swim, the last Sunday trip to the market for tropical fruit, the last poisonous snake encounter, the last ‘bush rat’ living with me….

This will be the site of my last swim session on Thursday morning:
I’m determined to make all my ‘lasts’ the best yet. My last mile repeats were again epic, a little lonely without my training buddies, but I dedicated every repeat to them (this time it was hot & sunny and not a bush turkey in sight girls!). I can’t wait for my last surf swim session on Wednesday…watch out waves, here I come! Then it’s off to Sydney on the 8th, race on the 11th (evening of the 10th for NA), and then HOME on the 12th!

This time it they should have VIDEO coverage of the race: www.triathlon.org/tv

Til my next sporadic update…