Phew….made it through my last trans-Atlantic flight of the season!!
Here’s how it went down in Budapest:
After racing 5 of the 7 ITU World Championship Series races this year, I managed to score points (have a top 20 bike split) in all 5 races.  That was 5/5 being the front bike pack, one of my goals for 2010.  For that I received a trophy, the title of ITU World Championships Series Best Biker and $5000!!  Laura Bennett took the Best Swimmer & Paula Findlay the Best Runner title. Check out the final rankings here.

On the podium to accept award for Best Biker for the ITU 2010 World Champioship Series!

Now back to the Budapest race.  A less than stellar swim–I never even heard the “on your marks” and got caught in the the buoy chaos, had to swim around girls on the second lap and came out WAY back.  Fortunately I had the hard working Paula Findlay in the same situation.  We jumped on our bikes and pushed hard the first 5-8k to close the gap, first to a small chase pack and eventually to the lead group.

After a lack luster swims, Paula and I worked hard to catch the leaders…


 Once we tacked onto the group I then made my way to the front of that group.  I stayed near or at the front for the most of the cycle, I had the fastest bike split of the day:

Leading the group across the bridge, chase back going the other way


Onto the run, I wasn’t feeling great but pushed hard the first lap, hoping to find some leg speed.  With a large group in the front pack and having to put in a big effort to close the gaps at the start of the bike, my legs weren’t feeling that fresh and the women were all running fast, leaving no room for error, so I ended up in 35th place.

ON the run…suffering a bit!!


That’s all the ITU World Champ Series racing for me this season.  It was a good/satisfactory season for me although I know it was not perfect so that has left wanting, needing, & hungry for more.  The level of the women’s race has taken a big step up and it’s good to see!  I’ve learned exactly what I need to work on in the off season and into the 2011 season–A big year for London 2012 qualification!!!  Exciting.

Here’s something fun; a view of the race from my bike.  You can see how rough the road was (very bumpy!) going into a couple corners. Check it out: Views from the bike (click download and enjoy).

That’s all for now.  I’ll download my Budapest pics and post more soon.

Lisa ; )