One Step at a Time.

Oz2012 002

Some may be wondering why you haven’t seen my name on any race results as of late….I’ll admit, I’ve been withholding a wee bit of  information…but the cat seems to be out of the bag now…

Speaking of which, this is Ezra…I’m not much of a cat person but this scrawny guy won me over! He lives at Pete’s place in Noosa.

I have been dealing with a pretty serious injury which I sustained/obtained during a fall while running in the desert of St George, Utah just before Christmas.  Thinking it would heal with a few days off running, I made the trip to NZLD to join the Dutch team anyway in early January. After a few more weeks of no running and suffering  just walking, I went for an MRI.  The results were a double negative (two negatives make a positive right?!).  I had an early indication of a stress reaction in my femoral neck and a labral tear was also evident. This lead to a total of 9 weeks without any running.  Not exactly the ideal build-up for my Olympic qualification…

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NZ, I bid you adieu…

NZ2012 011

I am post-due for an update.  My apologies!  It’s been a whole lot of triathlon-ing here in Nelson and now it’s time for a change of scenery.  The weather here has been good but the leaves are changing and the air & sea have a slight chill to them…Although Nelson has been good to me, it’s time to head west across the Tasman Sea to Australia.  That’s right, Noosa is calling my name!

For now, here are some random pics from around Nelson:

 My favourite barn house.  The sad-looking palm tree makes this photo…

The sod roof of the Woollaston Winery just outside of Nelson…

Riding with my buddy on a beautiful day along the sea, doesn’t get much better than this!….

Some country art…

Thanks New Zealand & New Zealanders for the great experiences!  I may be back in October for the World Champs Series Final in Auckland….till then I bid you adieu!

Next up: Australia!!



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