St Moritz

I’ve been in St Moritz for about a week and 1/2 half now.  It’s such a great place to train.  I really love being in the mountains.  Richard also arrived here last week, so that has helped keep me going as well.  So far training is going well, it’s not hard to be motivated when you are in such a fantastic environment!

I’m having some technical difficulties with my blog and photo posting, so this short update will have to do until I figure it out! 

Another week & 1/2 in paradise and then up north to Hamburg for the 4th race of the ITU World Championship Series on July 17th.


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Netherlands 2011 057

That was better but still not my best day out on the course. Still love the Kitzbuhel course and still love this town!

Here’s the quick and dirty race report:
I was all over the map in the swim, from being solo to being in the chaos to swallowing a ton of water…yummy. I still managed to come out of the water in 16thplace and with a quick transition and a hard first lap on the bike, I was in the lead group. My legs didn’t feel great on the bike to start but better each lap….still on a quest to find those biking legs of mine! There was a mix of everything on the bike; sun, cold, rain and hail, definitely kept it interesting! Onto the run, i hate to admit this, but I was cold! I just tried to keep the legs going but struggled to find a good steady rhythm, I hit a bit of a low on the third lap and dropped to 21st position but then snapped out of it and rebounded with my fastest 2.5k lap to finish off…

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I wish this was….


my race report…click this link, but it’s not….mine goes more like this….

I went into the race with not the best preparation.  I was sick with fever and chills the week before and could hardly climb the stairs to my room without having to rest at the top!  A week out of the race, I had to pull the plug on a key session as I thought I might not make it home.  But after a solid weekend of rest and recovery, I was starting to feel better.  Sometimes when you are sick, you bounce back stronger and faster than before, but sometimes it takes a little longer to recover.  I was optimistic on the speedy supercompensation theory for Madrid.  I was mentally prepared and psyched for the #9 start number and the awesome hill on the bike–hard hilly bike courses are my favourite!


All did not go according to plan though.  To keep this brief, I felt flat in the water and was not very sharp all day, was really weak on the bike and was


Not ideal but deal with it….

Netherlands 2011 029

I’ve been in Sittard, Netherlands for about a week and half now.  It’s been a solid block of training, good company, many rides not having a clue where I was, a couple runs feeling the same way.  A few new things to get used to here–as there always is with a new training base.  I was just starting to feel at home, my body was shaking all the travel, I was set up with furniture in my new room, I even started to find my bearings on the bike!

Riding with the crew…where this is, I’m not certain!!

 A canal ferry.  I just liked how there were more cyclist waiting than cars!

 Then early this week I rode my ‘Oma bike’ to an appointment 6k away and had to take a break on the way home I felt so weak.  That night I went down in flames; I was out of commission wishing my Mom was here to take care of me.  less than 2 weeks out of Madrid, this was not part of the plan, not  ideal pre-race prep!  Luckily for me, it’s seems to…

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Where in the world….

Netherlands 2011 013

Wow….double jet lag is not fun!  It feels like a lifetime ago but I only left New Zealand 12 days ago.  After a short but refreshing stop in Calgary, I left for the Netherlands last week, first for a visit with some relatives in Egmond, North Holland and now at my new home base Sittard, Limburg.

Here are a few pics from my last 12 days:

The beautiful sand dunes along the coastal province of North Holland.  Awesome running trails, I could run for days in here!  Plus there are a few bike paths through them too, excellent training here!!


These guys made me run a little bit faster….in the other direction!! I was able to weave my way through them on the bike path but never worked up the nerve to run past them!  Apparently they graze Scottish Highland Cattle in the dunes here…would have been nice if someone had told me about them before I rounded a corner and was face to face (or horn rather!) with these guys!!

 The old style windmills:

 The new style windmill–if you look closely,…

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Feijoas & an update

Nelson 2011

Still in Nelson training away.  Trainings been going well.  We had an interesting ride in the craziest wind I’ve ever ridden in!  It was super strong and super gusty, at one point I heard a tree branch snap, crash thru some bushes and hit the road right behind us, and I was blown clear across the pavement during one particularly strong gust, but it was a beautiful ride…Fun times! 

Just under one week left in NZ, then a QUICK stop at home to change clothes, get my hair cut, change bikes (yeah!), and see a few family and friends, then over to Europe for the summer of racing and training.  Love it!

In other news, I’ve discovered my new favourite fruit here in New Zealand.  It’s called a Feijoa (pronounced by the locals as fee-joe-ah).  It’s a South American fruit that was introduced to NZ in the 1920′s but originates in the highlands of Brazil/Argentina/Paraguay/Uruguay.  It  has been described as a pineapple guava, I describe it as delicious!  I may have OD’d on them already, my tummy was not too happy…

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Sydney & Nelson in Photos

Sydney Swim 2011

Race pics:  The swim

The Bike:

On the run:

At Bondi Beach post-race:

Enjoying a Bondi BBQ with Paul and Janet; courtesy of Luke & Meg:

Kaiteriteri Beach (60km outside of Nelson, New Zealand), beautiful place to recover!

 More beach time (and I went to examine the rock formations as well!)

 That’s all from NZ for now. Just finalizing the upcoming plans.  Will update soon!


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And They’re Off….

Nelson 2011 019

Some reflection time on the beach in Nelson, New Zealand…..

The 2011 season officially kicked off in Sydney this weekend with the first race of the ITU World Championship Series.  After giving Mooloolaba a pass (after four straight years), I was pretty excited to get going!  Here’s how the race went for me:

The swim: Bit of a mob on the first lap, just a wall of white water, arms, legs, and red caps. Couldn’t tell where I was, thinking I was really far back.  Onto the second lap I was relieved to see Paula Findlay fighting it out beside me, so I knew I’d have motivated company on the bike to make up any time!  The second lap I was able to maneuver up a bit, but still came out of the water farther back than I would’ve liked.

The bike:  Once on the bike there was some initially furious chasing but it eventually packed up.  I was hoping to test my legs on the run a little, so I just tried to stay out of trouble and not…

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ITU World Champs-Sydney, Australia

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There’s an App for that….

Noosa 2011 036

The first race of the ITU World Championships Series 2011 kicks off this weekend in Sydney, Australia.

The women’s race is set to go off on Sunday at exactly 11:26am local time.  For those in NA, that’s Saturday night at 7:26pm MST and for those in Europe it’s nice and early Sunday morning at 3:26am!  Be sure to jump on on race day to watch the exciting live coverage!

Also, if you have an iphone/pad, check out the new Dextro Energy Triathlon App.  It’s free and has all important information on the World Champs Series!

Race dates and info….

And the latest rankings…no head shot of me yet, although, I swear they have taken at least 4 of them of me at races…..

This will be my last post from Noosa, I spent the day saying my goodbyes, dropping off my scooter (boohoo) and packing up……Now off to Sydney tomorrow!  Wish me luck!


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