Been a long time since I last updated!  Richard and I took our annual trip down south in search of warmer temps and awesome trails & roads to run & ride on.  We headed to St George, Utah as our first stop.  Although a little on the cool side (but much nicer than Calgary weather!), we got in some great spins on our mountain bikes and our road bikes…blue skies the whole time!  Great trails, great geology, and tons of fun….

Shorts & t-shirt riding in December!

An newly discovered (for us!) slickrock area near St George!  It was fantastic!

Then, as the winds in Utah picked up we took a side trip to San Diego (via Las Vegas) to visit friends, check out the new ITU course venue, and enjoy the coast.  We were welcomed with open arms by Chris & Cathy….we felt so at home, we almost didn’t leave….

Scouting the run course….

A little break along the coast….

Me, Richard & a Christmas Donkey!

Now, we’re back in Calgary for some winter weather, family holiday…

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I’ve been back into some solid structured training for about 2 weeks now.  It’s always a struggle for an athlete as to how long to make the season-end break, there is always the worry if it’s too long or too short and how it will affect the upcoming season; but without a doubt, a break of some sort is necessary.  As next season will one of my most important ones, most likely my last ITU series season, London qualifiers, and the Olympic games themselves, 2012 will be a big one.  I took quite a substantial break after the up & down season of 2011.  Yes, there is always doubt….was it too long?  will I ever re-gain my race form? maybe I needed more time off?  I only came back to training when I felt mentally & physically ready to.  The plan is to be strong & fast in April/May and then again in August; so I knew I needed to be refreshed and ready to go before I focused in on my goals.

So here starts the build-up to London 2012.

Stage 1:

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Happy Halloween!!!

The annual Jack o’Lantern carving contest was held once again this year. Normally it is a 2-person show-down between me & Richard but this year a 3rd entrant (my brother Bryan) was officially allowed to participate. The rules are simple…carve a darn good pumpkin, no stencils allowed!

Here are the finalists…

I think I know the answer, but which one do you like best???

I better go hand out candy….otherwise I’ll end up eating it all….Off season is over, need to find some will power….


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Ahhh…the off-season…


Off season in Calgary means fall colours, a welcome house guest (even if he does make quite a mess!), spending time with Jake (my commuter/cross bike), and the Great Annual Pumpkin Carve-Off (more on this next post!).  Here are some pictures from my downtime in Cowtown.

Shaggy and the fall colours:

Someone passed out after a hard day of exercise, nap, exercise, eat, nap and repeat….He really is the master of recovery!

Good ol’ Jake.  It was a little frosty the other day on my ride to the gym but at least I don’t have to pay for parking!!

Purchasing of the pumpkins for the carve off….I’ll post the final products after the carve-off on the weekend…. 

That’s all for now.  Not much happening here.  A whole lot of recovery and planning for next season, but more on that once everything is finalized. 2012 is looking better and better….super exciting!

Off to rake the endless covering of leaves in our yard!!



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Such Great Heights

This year I set out to tackle some big goals.  I took risks, I made changes, and I pushed myself to the limit- there is nothing worse than not trying or never knowing if you can achieve something. There were many ups downs along the way.  Here’s my summary of the 2011 season.

I started out strong in Sydney and really from my vantage point, it was a quick hop to reaching my all goals.  Then I had a little stumble before Madrid where I was ill, an unfortunate part of being an athlete pushing your body to it’s limits, subsequently compromising your immune system. In hindsight, I never let my body fully recover from the illness and the timing of it made me feel like I was constantly having to play catchup the rest of the season (the downfalls of having a tight European summer race schedule).  I regrouped enough to have an OK race in Kitzbuhel and then headed to St. Moritz to get a great block of training in. I felt like I was climbing back up to my pre-Madrid heights and fitness levels slowly but surely.  Then I had what I like to call…

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Where in the world is Lisa??

My apologies for the lack of updates….and this one will be a quick one as I’m in the ‘Business center’ of our hotel in Beijing (they only have broadband and I only have my ipad here…) and they are sitting behind me watching me type…it makes me nervous & paranoid!

The team and I were just in Thailand for 10 days of heat training in preparation for the next 2 races in Asia.  The first one in Beijing and then the next in Yokohama the following week!  So tune in Sept 11 for the Beijing race and Sept 19 (yes, it’s a monday!) for Yokohama.  I promise to do a more comprehensive blog update once I have wifi access..complete with pictures of stray dogs in Thailand!



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Pop Art in London

London 2011 012

My race in London, expressed in pop art….Roy Lichtenstein, Wall Explosion….similar to what happened to me on the run….

If I had taken a self portrait post race, it would have looked like this:  Andy Warhol, self portrait….

So the race didn’t go as planned.  A DNF is never fun.  All I can say is that it wasn’t my day and I’m frustrated with my results (or lack there of) the last few races.  Luckily there are still more races to come. Onto the next one!

And now, some pics from the city of London….and no, I did not partake in the riots….

Tate Museum of Modern Art (hence the above photos)

The contrast of Old (St Paul’s Cathedral) and New (the millenium bridge)…

Camden Locks…I was completely lost in the markets here…

A cute dog, he got wet while watching the men’s race, so did I!  This guy could be Shaggy’s British cousin!

As you can see, I finally re-gained access to my flikr account, so I have photos once again! Yey!  Check out the photo tab for more pics uploaded.…

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Lady Luck & Cinderella

I’ll be brief, the race didn’t exactly go as planned last weekend. I had a bit of bad luck right off the start, literally. I chose the left side of the pontoon and it happened that the left side ended up getting pushed wide around the buoys. I found myself behind (along with a few good swimmers that started left as well) after the first turn and from then on had to swim up and around girls ahead of me. The timing had me in 39th (yikes!) after the first lap and then I worked my way unto 22nd after the second swim lap and T1. Not great but i was in good position going onto the bike….but i had to get on my bike first!

At the mount line someone in front of me was really squirrelly so I swung wide and went for my mount. Apparently my jump was a bit off balance and my foot landed on my shoe funny, slipped off and jammed into the ground, stopping me dead and subsequently, my body slammed into…

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Way up high….


This will have to do for now…

Still struggling with getting photos up on this blog….but some how this one managed to post, so it will have to do until I get others up!!

The view from 2500m….

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