St Moritz in Pictures

St Moritz in picutes (in no particular order…)
The Diavolezza glacier…not the clearest day but still awesome!!
Richard & I at the Diavolezza glacier
View down the valley, after a whole lot of climbing!
St Moritz from above, if you look close you can see the track!


Me at 3000m with wearing every piece of clothing I brough. Thanks to Coach Paul for the mitts…note that is a rock sample in my hands!


Ahhh…the mountains….luckily living in Calgary and having a ton of experience in the mountains, including some camping trips in August that we started in +25 degree temps and walked out with a soaking wet tent (from the snow) in 0 degrees!

St Moritz being at 1800m in the Swiss Alps is not immune to the…

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Love That Mountain Air!!

Where did I leave off??  My Internet connection/blog inspiration has been sporadic at best the past few weeks-my apologies.  How about a little summary of my fast & furious 4 weeks of racing in Europe?  It’s a long one….

The trip started in Athlone, Ireland and as I posted previously, Race #1 ended with a DNF.  I did get to experience the local bus transport, found out that I can barely understand Irish cabbies, there is cctv on every corner in Athlone, the locals are very friendly, and it’s a wee bit cold in Ireland!  Also, in retrospect, I gambled with the jetlag effect on this race, unfortunately I lost.  Race lesson learned: arriving via trans-Athlantic flight 3 days before the race leaves me not-so-sharp for race day.

Moving on from Ireland I was greeted by my father at the Amsterdam airport and we drove to Lemelerveld, where my relatives live.  This happened to be ~25’ north of Race #2, Holten ITU World Cup, perfect.  The weather was hot, hot, hot, 30+ everyday and hardly any wind.  My parents and my…


Tour de Europa Stop #3

Race # 3: Hamburg World Champs Series. By far the most competitive race that I’ve been in this year. The swim was interesting, got stuck in the battle, got covered in green (the algae was rampant in the 26 degree water!), came out farther back than I should (coach so not happy with this!). Didn’t panic, hammered on the bike , suffered real bad the first couple laps, we caught the leaders, I found my biking legs and moved my way to the front of the pack, so much nicer through the corners. Good T2, came out in the front of the race again, hamstrings and back not happy with me, lost contact with the lead runners, felt better the back half of the run, finished off in 17th place, a solid day in a strong field. Still a little frustrated since I know I can swim & run better than that!

Also check this out: I’m currently ranked #1 for the ITU World Champs Series Best Cyclist Ranking!! There is some extra prize $ up for grabs…

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Race Day…Tomorrow…

Well, it’s finally getting close! The men’s race in Hamburg was today and we are on Sunday. Sometimes I like to watch the men’s race before ours, you get to scope the course, see how the race plays out, it gets me focused on my day to come. But sometimes, it’s pure torture, I wish it was me out there racing, not waiting another 26 hours to race! Today, it was fun to watch and Bjoern, Lifesport coach extraordinaire, and his wife were out, so I had some company while spectating (although, I left them early once I decided my legs had enough standing). Now I’m ready for my turn!

Tomorrow’s start time is precisely 3:16pm local time. Why 3:16 you ask, I have no idea, but when the German’s say 3:16, you start at 3:16 and I like it! Except for the fact that I have to wait all day to race! So you can check out the action on:

Back to reading my book and waiting for 3:16 to arrive.



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Seeing Black…and Orange…

Race #2 completed. Let me tell you, it was easier said than done in the “European heat wave”! With temperatures soaring into the mid-30′s it made for a HOT run! I had an excellent start in the swim, a solid bike where not much happened and then was first out of T2….I knew it was going to be a hot one, so I figured it was an all or nothing type deal…either I went for it and felt like a million bucks in the heat or I went for it and blew up in the heat. Well, it ended up being somewhere in the middle, not a great run but not a bad run for the conditions and how I felt (the run course was apparently ~10.5k). I hung on, just as I started seeing stars and things were about to fade to black, for an 8th place finish! I also missed out on being Dutch Champion (a feat I have yet to conquer!), a young Dutch girl had a great day and ran up from the second pack to…

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and…..she’s off….

Just a quick post from the YYC AC lounge! After a couple months at home, with only a trip to Des Moines, I’m off on my next adventure.

This one includes a tour of western Europe. First up: European Championships in Athlone, Ireland this weekend. I fly into Dublin today. From there, I meet up with my parents & niece in Holland and race there. Should be fun to have the family there to watch! After that, Hamburg, London, a stop in the Swiss Alps and finally my favourite, Kitzbuhel!

I’ll try to keep the updates frequent and with photos!! Check out for results and live feeds.
Enjoy the summer!

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Grey, Red & Green

In sticking with the colour theme of my last post, I’ll use grey, red & green to describe my last week or so…..

GREY: The colour of the sky everywhere I go these days. A rain cloud seems to be stalking me. Rain & clouds from the past few weeks in Calgary even followed me all the way to Des Moines, Iowa for the ITU World Cup event. I landed in a storm and took off in a storm. It poured pretty much continuously for 3 days, so much they had to cancel the kids race the day before ours due to lightening and flooding! Then race morning, I opened the curtains only to see this:

That’s the only picture I took in Des Moines! I was certain that they would cancel the swim due to the lightening in the area but the rain fortunately stopped for the ITU races. RED: The colour of my back. Since it was still raining when I left the hotel for the race, sunscreen didn’t even cross my mind! The sun did…

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Blue is the my favorite color. It’s a color that makes me feel warm, calm and relaxed. I like to think about “blue” when things get uncomfortable….like during a massage (unlike what most people think, my massages are anything but relaxing!), or a particularly though session with my athletic therapist (Wendy @ Riverside Sports Therapy, she’s the best), or when I really want to stop during a intervals with Coach Paul on the track….think blue, blue ocean, blue sky, Noosa blue, warm blue, relax….

Ahhh….doesn’t that make you feel relaxed??

Getting into this frame of mind has been a challenge for me the last few days. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I’ve been downright blue about this:

The weather in Calgary has made me feel like this:

They promise me some blue skies tomorrow….hopefully that tames my springtime-in-Calgary blues! In the meantime, I’ll keep thinking blue and keep the angry blue monster at bay….blue skies, warm blue oceans, yummy blueberries…..


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I love monday’s!

I’ve had my head down and been getting some great training in since I got back in Calgary. Monday’s have become my ‘legs off day’ or ‘recovery’ day, so after this last 2 weeks of high volume training, Monday was a day off training!! Although, it seemed to get filled with all sorts of house ‘chores’!

Spring WAS here in Calgary, at least for a few days. With the warmer weather came beautiful blooms that made my allergies flare up….I can deal with a week or two of sneezing if it means that the warmer weather is coming!!

A beautiful day riding below. Although my next ride was in full winter gear this past weekend….brrr….it was chilly!!! Summer, please come soon!!

I also got my new Team Timex Orbea Ordu (& my road bike!) fit right! Thanks to Luke Way for the fit, we made some good changes and I feel more comfortable, powerful & faster on my bikes already!! Check out to read more about Luke and his bike fitting talents.
Now I am organizing my trip…

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More St G Photos

More random pics from St George…..Thanks to Lifesport Coach Bjoern for the photos!

The Lifesport Ironman St George Camp crew:
On the new mountain bike, enjoying the sun! My kind of Ironman Aid-station!! Richard and coach Paul enjoy a little draft….it was a WINDY ride!! Descending through Snow Canyon Park….my favourite road in all of St. George!

Good news….it’s finally starting to warm up in Calgary!!! Nothing like a 10k road race (so-so time), some swimming with ‘chutes’ & a short time trail on the new Orbea Ordu (love it!!!) to get my focus & fitness back on track for Europe in July!!

Cross your fingers & hope we have seen the last of the snow for the spring!!


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