An Update in photo form….

I’m trying the “gallery” setting this post.  Nothing too exciting going on here. It’s cold out (see frozen water bottle photo), but the sun has returned and made it tolerable, been training away.  Made through the shortest day of the year!  Santa is coming soon.  Only a few more weeks until I head south for my next adventure.  Check out the photos and captions below:

Happy Holidays!!!!


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Rocks, Blisters, Cher & a Dam (plus everything in between)

So we left the cold of Calgary and once again headed 1900km south to St. George Utah for a little R’n'R.  After one long, and sometimes scary, drive we finally arrived!  We just love this place, running, biking, climbing & a pool that is on Lava Flow Drive!  What more could you ask for!  Here are some pictures from the last 2 weeks:

 We also took a trip to Vegas to run the 1/2 marathon down there.  It was a fun run, bands & still-drunk people to cheer you on running down the entire “Strip” at 7am…plus, Cher sung the national anthem (or maybe an impersonator…either way, ‘she’ looked rough in the early morning sun…).  I ran a PB 1:19, it was my first official non-triathlon half, it was going awesome until about 10miles when my legs decided they didn’t want to run farther and a giant blister on the ball of my foot popped…ouch!  Richard also achieved a PB run time!  Nice!  I decided it’s easier to run 21km off the bike and without socks…that & you…

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Ugly boots…..

Well, the snow held off for quite awhile here in Calgary, but this week, it came back full force.  I’ve shovelled 3 times in 3 days…my back hurts!! 

I’ve had to pull out the big ugly boots/mitts/jackets to keep warm, I’m getting soft when it comes to the cold these days!!

 Cycling is officially done soley in the basement, though yesterday the Discovery Channel was kind enough to show “Volcanoes of the World-Hawaii” during my spin!  The lava tubes, pahoehoe flow, stalactites, and statements like this: “here you can see the Earth being born”, were enough to make my workout fly by!  Hmmm…might have to go back to school and get that PhD in Volconology….

The snow, cold & dark hasn’t stopped the XC running girls from going outside!  Tuesday night was intervals on a dimly lit pathway.  If there is ever a triathlon on a dark snow covered pathway, I’m going to rock that run!!  Tonight might be more of a challenge, a little colder and a little more snow….we’ll see how it goes! 

Stay tuned…a…

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Feel the Burn, a Milestone & the Great Pumpkin Carve Off…

A couple weeks back into training and I ache from head to toe!  I ran a Cross Country race on the weekend and shocked the body into remembering what racing feels like….I was taken down at the line by a couple young whipper-snappers–apparently I don’t have much of a kick!  It hurt so bad that my lungs were on fire…and I want to do it again!!  Nothing like racing to motivate me more!

In other news, Lil’ Blue, my car, has hit a milestone….100,000km…here’s hoping for 100,000km more!!

This weekend was also our annual pumpkin carve-off.  By our informal survey of the local trick-or-treating kids, this year was a tie….you be the judge….

That’s all for this week.  So far, ol’ man winter has been kind in Calgary…..keep your fingers crossed…



Kicking the Habit

Well ‘off-season’ is officially over and I’m glad.  I find recovery time/off season the hardest, yet most important, part of the year.  As a full-time athlete it is often hard to let go; not to have every single second of every single day consumed by sport of triathlon.  But I also know, as a full-time athlete, that it is necessary and will help me race stronger and better in the upcoming season.

So to sum my last 6 weeks of ‘off-season’, it’s a bit like kicking an addiction, in this case not a bad one (at least I don’t think so!) but as we all know, when you stop something that you are addicted to, there will be a period of adjustment or as they say, withdrawal… are the stages I go through during the off-stages:

  • Denial:  I came back from Budapest and thought, maybe I don’t need a break, it’s still early, maybe I can race a 70.3 in September or maybe I should train another month and race one last ITU World Cup in Mexico….then I jumped in

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It’s official

Here’s the official ITU media release:

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Phew….made it through my last trans-Atlantic flight of the season!!   Here’s how it went down in Budapest:   After racing 5 of the 7 ITU World Championship Series races this year, I managed to score points (have a top 20 bike split) in all 5 races.  That was 5/5 being the front bike pack, one of my goals for 2010.  For that I received a trophy, the title of ITU World Championships Series Best Biker and $5000!!  Laura Bennett took the Best Swimmer & Paula Findlay the Best Runner title. Check out the final rankings here.

Now back to the Budapest race.  A less than stellar swim–I never even heard the “on your marks” and got caught in the the buoy chaos, had to swim around girls on the second lap and came out WAY back.  Fortunately I had the hard working Paula Findlay in the same situation.  We jumped on our bikes and pushed hard the first 5-8k to close the gap, first to a small chase


Buda Weather Forecaster

Having some technical difficulties with WordPress and picture posting…so here are some pics in random order first…need to change the font size and colour too….grrrr…..
The view of Buda from the Chain Bridge
The Chain Bridge
The tunnel at the bike turn around…on a dry day!

I’ve noticed a pattern, an association, a correlation that has arisen over my last few years of travel. The weather is inversely proportional to the number of pairs of jeans/cold weather gear I bring.  If I bring one pair of jeans, I end up wearing that pair of jeans for the entire trip.  If I bring 2 pair, I never even pull them out of my bag….Case in point: the Budapest weather.  When I was in Kitzbuhel we watched the European swim champs on TV, they were in Budapest, it was sunny & warm, the crowd was fanning themselves with their programs.  So when I packed for Budapest, I had…


Training With the Birds & A Happy Day!!

Some of you may know that I have a slight fear of large winged things.  They are beautiful from afar, but I don’t care for them anywhere in my personal space!  It all started in the middle of the jungle in NW Malaysia during a post-graduation trip with my good friend Bridget (who just got married…see below!).  A rather large Toucan-like bird named Chi-Chi decided that I was his one true love.  Much to my dismay, he routinely did fly-by peckings and went everywhere I went, including sitting next to me during dinner.  I can still see his beady little eyes staring at me and hear the local boys yelling …”Chi-Chi loves you!”….

This brings me to my secret training partners here in Calgary.  If you’ve ever biked around Calgary, you know that there are abundant number of large birds that frequent the farm fields that line the roads.  Normally they mind there own business and fly away when you cycle by.  At certain times of the year though, they get a little aggressive…like now, when the young are learning to…

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Since you’ve been gone….

I’ve been taking a bit of heat about not updating my blog.  We’ll call it writers block! 

I’ll start with a summary of Kitzbuhel in point form:

  1. +Love this race, good to have Richard out with me.


  1. +Felt good coming into the race


  1. +Stomach was “rumbling” the night before and all race morning, spent a lot of time in the bathroom pre-race, not good but hoped for the best. Richard told me after (trying not to panic me) that he too had some issues…something we ate??


  1. +swim: sketchy first lap, swallowed half the lake, saw where I was at the run out, said some choice words as I dove back into the water.  Managed to work my way back onto the main pack (along with Paula Findlay, the race winner), but the BACK of the main pack….always doing it the hard way!!