I know I won…

Happy Halloween!!
Richard & I had our annual pumpkin carving contest yesterday, I’m pretty sure I won, but you can decide….which one do you like better???

A candle light version:
Other than that it’s been a week full of Shaggy walks, a persistent cold/flu that just won’t leave me, a Metric concert, raking leaves and changing light fixtures! No running yet….boo hoo…one more week off.

I’ve been dreaming of running….I may have even tried a few steps the other day–I had to keep up with Shaggy on the path! Lisa

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My Buddy and Me

Not much going on in Calgary these days. I’m officially in “off-season”, it’s hard for me to do nothing! It’s helped that I’ve been sick for over a week, it’s forced me to take some time off. Time off is important, I know, I don’t want to start back up for next season and be burnt out before race season even starts.

Shaggy has been my partner in crime the last few weeks, he is staying at our house while my parents reno theirs. We go for long walks & hikes (since I can’t run, it’s the next best thing), we run errands, we fix things in/around the house (all the things I’ve let slide the last few months!), we take naps, we try new recipes, and we watch the hockey game together!

A couple more weeks until I can start up running again…I can’t wait!! It will be a SLOW build up–a few weeks of walk/running to be safe, in the meantime, I’ve been hitting the gym to work on my weaknesses and imbalances. I am determined to have…

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20 Bucks & Water Logged

Ol’ Man Winter made his first appearance post-summer here in Calgary. Every year it happens, a big temperature swing, snow blowing around, the North wind howling, yet no one is ever ready! I took Shaggy (he’s crashing at our place while my parents reno theirs) to the dog park the other day. I thought I was dressed for the cold, I got out of the car and started walking with him, at first it was ok but once I crested the hill and the wind hit me, I just wanted to lie down and pass out! I found out once I got back and could feel my fingers again that it was -17 with the windchill! Now, I’ve said this before, but since I have been chasing summer for the past few years, I have become a ‘winter wimp’!

I was then on the hunt for my winter gear. It happens every year, where the heck did I stash all that stuff??!! It was worse this year since I think that Richard put all my stuff away in the very…

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Legalize it

What the what?!

That’s right everyone; after nearly 10 years of dating, multiple months of living in different countries (Netherlands, UK, US, Singapore, Australia, SE Asia), 4 years after buying a house, long after achieving ‘common-law’ status, 3 years of engagement, nearly getting married in Noosa last year, and 2 whole weeks of ‘planning’, believe it or not, we finally made it all legal!

It was a small, low-key ceremony/event on October 2 in Canmore with a few family and friends. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but I think all had fun out in the mountains for a weekend. Thanks to my good friend Gord Timm for supplying the venue and accommodations!

Note: Although the cat matches the ‘decorations’, it was not a planned part of the ceremony….cats are good luck right??!

That’s all for now.

Best of luck to all that are racing in Hawaii this weekend! Go TEAM LIFESPORT!!


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An Analysis: Injuries & Water Running

Water running, aka Aqua jogging. Why do it? Can you really get a in a good run workout? Can you do it without looking like a total geek? Since I know I can’t be the only one out there dealing with an injury that prohibits running, I thought I would share my thoughts on water running.

The Injury: When you have an injury that prevents you from running sometimes the psychological strain of not being able to run can be worse than your physical pain. I know I’m not alone on this one, I loath not being able to run, especially when I see others out there on a nice day running when I can’t!! Sometimes it takes an injury to make us realize how much we love to run and that it’s an essential part of our daily life. Although you may be keen to return to running, rest is an important part of your recovery, so don’t rush it. You may need to cut way back on running — or eliminate it entirely, as in my case —…

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Fully & Completely

It’s been awhile since my last update. I’ve been busy, tired, lazy,unmotivated…all the excuses. Actually, the jet-lag really kicked my butt this trip. Think the 2 week turn around to Australia really messed up me up!

Went to the Tragically Hip concert on Monday. We were 2nd row, so close we were part of the show! It was a great concert, I’ve seen them before but this was by far their best concert–Gord Downie (lead singer) sweats more than me during a high intensity indoor trainer ride! For those that don’t know the band, they are a classic Canadian rock band. They are on tour right now, hitting the US in October/Novemeber and then heading to the Netherlands in November…Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen (where some of my family lives), and Eindhoven! The first 3 days of fall in Calgary have been 30, 33 and tomorrow is supposed to be 28 degrees Celsius(80-92F)!! Crazy! I’ll take it–normally the daytime high right now is 15.

What a view! Check out the mountains on my ride today….beautiful blue skies! I rode straight into the…

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The Goldie

Ahhh, the ups and downs of sport.

Here’s the race report: I was violated in the swim, seriously, thoughts of “say NO, then GO, and TELL someone you trust” came into my head when I was swimming. Not sure if it was the due to my start position (as many of decent swimmers who started near me came out of the water with me too) or if I was just too tense being stuck in the chaos, or if my swim was just weak. Anyhoo, got onto the bike and ended up being second chase group that didn’t want to work together and lost almost 2′ to the lead group of 7.

Now for the run, here I should explain first. I’ve had some left leg pain since I stepped on a rock at the Calgary 70.3. It’s manifested itself in various aches and pains, from my heel, to my calf & glute medius, and finally to my tibialis anterior (or what I call shin splints). I was pretty optimistic that I would be good to go on…

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Leaving Noosa….

Sigh, I head south to the Gold Coast tomorrow, my last day in Noosa. Here is are a few of the reasons I love it here:

  • My first workout of the day is usually completed by 7:30am
  • Due to the early start, I have a good excuse to go to bed at 8pm!
  • Beaches named Sunshine and Sunrise
  • The National Park and it’s sandy trails and beautiful views is a 7 min jog from here
  • Squad swim group–I always seem to step up my game for Max (the coach) while I’m swimming here!
  • Always a bike group heading out every morning
  • Bike lanes all around Noosa Heads
  • No buildings over 3 stories
  • The brilliant stars at night

That’s all for now, a 3hour drive to Surfers Paradise (where the Dutch team hotel is) and then race day on Sunday.

G’Day Mate!


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Made it!

Well, I’ve actually been here a few days. Noosa is still the same, except a little cooler in ‘winter’, although Sept 1 is officially the first day of spring!

My first order of business after my long flight to Auckland (on the upper deck of a 747!). A flat white and a kiwi for Breakie.
Ahhh….doesn’t get much better than this…ocean temp currently 19-20 degrees. My ride for the week in Noosa…I call her Molly. Note the pink flamingo on the front fender!

A few more days here and then I meet up with the rest of the Dutch team on the Gold Coast. Race day is Sept 13th (the 12th in North America!). Hope all is well! Lisa

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Going Down Under

Short post:
Kelowna race report: ok. Not the run I wanted to have, finished 4th.

Head South tomorrow. One week in Noosa (yeah!) and one week on the Gold Coast for the ITU World Championships Finale!!

Good luck to all racing IMC this weekend!

Will update from Down Under as soon as I can!

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