Swimming in the ‘D’ Lane

Happy Holidays!! You know it’s time for an update when your Dad calls you and says…” you really need to update your blog Lisa…”

Well, after a short but sweet Christmas break, I’ve been on ‘Christmas training camp’ with my swim group. I’ve been relegated to the back of the distance lane or the D lane. When I swam, I avoided the D lane, it wasn’t somewhere I ever wanted to venture…it only meant longer sets and swimming more meters….funny how things turn out!

Here is how to tell if you’ve been swimming too much lately:

  • You’ve swam a total of 31km in 3 days
  • Sometimes when you try to go fast, you can’t feel if your arms are moving!
  • Half way through the workout you daydream about how good your Powerbar is going to taste
  • After workout you are so hungry that you HAVE to eat your Powerbar in the shower…gross I know, but I was beyond hungry
  • You aren’t sure you’ll be able to hold onto the steering wheel while driving home

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1900 Kilometers….+200km….

After my last post, Richard and I snapped, we had enough of the -20 something weather and packed up the car and headed south. We drove and drove, lil’ Blue (my car) had developed a shutter, a cold weather wobble….we even had to stop an hour out of Calgary to spray it down in hopes that the chunks of ice on the axles and in the wheel wells would melt….the wobble persisted for about 1000km, very annoying.

Our destination was St. George Utah & my parents place down there. Our heads were filled of visions of palm trees, clear roads, tons of biking & running outdoors and maybe even walking outside without a jacket & gloves. So south we drove, the snow persisted…we made it to Idaho Falls the first day…it was still -20…this poor Llama was outside all night, we checked to make sure it was still alive in the morning…guess Llama wool is pretty thick, poor guy! We pushed on in search of warmer weather….we willed the snow away, we wished for the St. George to be BELOW

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Ol’ Man Winter

He is here and he means business…I managed to get in a training ride outside on Nov 26, which is pretty late for Calgary but winter is now in full force…here are some pictures from a chilly walk with Shaggy in the dog park…it was so windy all the snow was blown away!

Here’s a video in case the pictures didn’t give you the full effect, check out the snow blowing across the field:

The snow drift on the side of the house:

You know that you live somewhere cold if:

  • your toes are cold & steam rises off you when you are riding inside with the door propped open during spin class
  • you’re wearing long underwear 24/7
  • you’ve bought a new pair of boots that are rated to -40 degrees
  • the only jacket you’ve worn in 4 days makes you look like the Michelin man (see 1st pic)
  • you’ve considered paying insane amounts for a last minute flight to somewhere warm

Bundle up. I’m planning a trip south….

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Can you say destination race….

Picture yourself swim/bike/running in the majestic mountains of Banff National Park! That’s right folks, the Subaru Triathlon Series is bringing a race to Banff in 2010! If you’re looking for something a little different (potential for wildlife sightings on the bike course is high!), have always wanted to swim in the sparkling blue-green waters of a mountain lake, or have dreamed of running down the streets of Banff in a tri-suit, this race is for you! Plus, you can add a couple days onto your trip and go for a hike or a gondola ride after! Oh yeah, a post-race stop at one of the chocolate shops in town is a must ; )

Here’s the press release. Dec 1 registration opens…and it’s capped!

Banff Triathlon Announced Registration Opens December 1st; Race Capped at 500 spots!!!

The Subaru West Coast Triathlon Series is excited to announce that Banff National Park will be added to the 2010 line up of races with the introduction of the Subaru Banff Triathlon. This race could quickly become known as the most beautiful triathlon in…

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Deers, the yogi master & a new nemesis…

So I’ve had more urban deer encounters in the past week and 1/2 than I have seen all year. It all started last week during the morning walk that Shaggy and I take down the back alleys in the neighbourhood. We came to a backyard with a fake plastic deer in it–our neighbourhood was built in the 50′s so it is a mix of the retired (with a plethora of lawn ornaments), empty nesters and young couples. I had walked right past it, Shaggy on the other hand, froze, transfixed by the deer. He got his back up (this is rarely done by him!) and stalked ever so slowly toward it, unsure what it was…it was hilarious. Then he got close enough to sniff it nose to nose and realized it was fake and trotted off satisfied. Next I saw the big guy cycling last week and a family of 5 (real ones) on the street early one morning on a walk with Shaggy. I was lucky enough to see them first and grab Shags before he took off towards

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Yesterday a 2.5hour base ride was on the schedule…thankfully the weather in Calgary is still decent, I want to limit my indoor trainer time as much as I can, so I suited up and headed South! I rode from the house to Fish Creek Provincial Park on my cross bike (=road bike with wider tires so you can take it off pavement) to play on the trails down there.

My cross bike is my old commuter bike and is named Jake. That’s the name he came with, I didn’t give him his name, kind of like a rescue puppy, he already had a name when I picked him out. It’s been well used year round, so it’s a bit rusty from being left covered in snow, outfitted with full fenders, a pannier carrier, a rear studded tire (for riding on ice & snow), a bell (mandatory on Calgary pathways, and they will ticket!) and is a bit of a beast (compared to Maddy!). All suited up. At first I thought I was over dressed but once I dropped into…

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Tryin’ to find a rhythm…

The first week back is always the toughest. I’m tired, I have muscles so sore & exhausted that just getting out of bed is a challenge (not complaining, I love the aches and pains that come with training, even missed it a little over the last 6 weeks!), and I have a new schedule to adjust to. I find the hardest thing is finding my rhythm….the first week, I forget things for workouts, I’m a little late due to traffic or parking, or forget to check the gym hours to make sure it’s open! It just takes a week to get my act together again!

As for the training, I am back RUNNING!!! Pain free too! It’s going to be a slow build but I’m loving every step! In the pool, it’s been about finding my rhythm too, this past season, we didn’t focus on my swimming and my stroke & endurance suffered a bit. I’m currently swimming with the UofC team and getting my butt kicked daily! The other day was ‘circuit day’ or as I renamed after the…

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An important day

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Why walk when you can run?

Day 1 starts Monday!!! My official return to training is a ‘go’ tomorrow. I’ll be starting a light walk/run program, maybe some water running (my fav), get back on the bike–my cross bike until is gets too cold–and tons of swimming with the U of C group!

After 6 weeks off, copious amounts of Halloween candy consumed (Triathlete on off-season+ Halloween=trouble!), tons of house ‘projects’ completed, countless walks/hikes with Shaggy, and a good mental break–I’ll have some work to do to get back into form for next year. Clearwater 70.3 Worlds Champs is next weekend, sucks that I can’t be there but I’ll use it as extra motivation to kick-start the 2010 season!

Good Luck to all those racing next weekend–wish I was there with you!!

That’s all for now.

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CeraSport on Board!

When I first started racing Triathlon, I really struggled with hydration and nutrition. After some experimentation with various electrolyte drinks my first couple seasons racing, I was down to plain ol’ water on the bike–I just couldn’t stomach the super sweet drinks or some of them just didn’t sit well when I raced. Once I started competing at a higher level, I realized that water just wasn’t going to help me get great performances–especially in hot weather.Enter CeraSport. This rice-based electrolyte drink works great! It’s not super sweet (but has great variety of flavours) and since it’s not sugar-based, my stomach loves it! CeraSport is now one of my valued supporters, here is the official press release. You can order this great product online or chat with me if you want to try it, check their site out:

And yes, the pumpkin on the left was mine!
Stayed tuned….my return to training has been scheduled for Nov 9…and yes that includes running!!! SO excited!


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