Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day!!
Interesting Christmas fact for you: This is the first Christmas day since 1971 that Canada has had a coast to coast white Christmas! There is snow everywhere!

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For those stuck in the deep freeze….

‘Main Beach’ Noosa, Australia:
After waking up this morning to a -38 windchill and having to run a 1:45 run on the treadmill, not fun, I needed to post this to cheer myself up (and anyone else in Western Canada right now!)! My last post was making me cold just looking at it!! I broke rule #1 for survival during a deep freeze…I looked at the forecast for a Southern Hemisphere location…Noosa, Australia. For those interested, it was +35 there today. Below is me in 2007, just off Main Beach at Noosa Heads. This is where we would swim all our long swims on sundays. The WATER temperature was 26*…….. **sigh**Okay, the sun actually came out today, so I think I can push through!! I can make it to Dec 21…the days start getting longer after that! yippee!!!


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The Pictures Say It All!

Our weekend in Banff for Richard’s Christmas party turned out to be a little chilly…-40 chilly, it was lovely!
Here is the Banff Springs Hotel:

Me in my down jacket at Bow Falls…note that they are almost frozen over! Richard in downtown Banff…brr… I’m going to put some more layers on….training will be all indoors this week… LM

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Winter Wonderland!

Well, we finally got the winters first big snow in Calgary (still snowing…). It made my group run fun and slippery this morning, but still a great workout and only one girl fell! Richard and our latest boarder Katie (we have her for a week) shovelling the snow:

Snow filled branches in out backyard: Hopefully the snow will stay (at least in the mountains!!)….cross-country ski time!!


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Happy 35th!

Well, my parents 35th anniversary was a month ago, but since my Dad has been jet-setting to all sorts of balmy destinations the last few weeks (Grand Prairie & Yellowknife), we only found time for a dinner this past weekend! We picked a restaurant that we thought would keep Noah entertained….Here’s the gang…Here Noah is not too happy…he was a little suspicious of the chef guy (see flames to the right)…so was I…the fake Japanese accent was a bit too much!! Sorry Dad, had to post this one too! I think my sister specifically picked this place just to have my parents put on the well used ‘wigs’ and dance around!! It was pretty funny!

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad (one month late!)!!! We’ll do something that doesn’t involve fake accents, flames, and dancing for the 40th!! Lisa

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An exercise ball, foam roller, & a med ball…

My sister called last week and asked if I would babysit my 2.5 year old nephew, Noah, while they took my niece to the Flames hockey game. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant at first since I haven’t babysat him yet….I do have excuses for this–I’ve been travelling so much the last couple years, he has both sets of grandparents in town to spoil him and my brother is really good with Noah, so I’m usually the last resort choice!!

To keep him entertained we took him to the zoo for ‘zoo lights’. It was opening weekend, and a little crowded but a good round of ‘kick-the-Styrofoam-snowmen’, a gingerbread man cookie, and a walk around looking at lights, ate up almost 2 hours of babysit time with no melt-downs! Although, I asked him if he had fun at the zoo and he replied, rather politely; “No, no I didn’t”!

Then at home, all we have for ‘toys’ is my exercise equipment and my previously-folded clean laundry, but it did the trick! That and a round of fort building…

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Winter Running 101:

Here is what I have learned over the last few weeks running in the cold:

  • Freezing rain+ a layer of snow+ the city crews “buffing” the pathways (they use this machine with a giant rotating brush to clear the snow) down to the icy level= one crazy icy 1:30 run!
  • The same rain/snow episode+neighbours who don’t clear their sidewalks= Many ‘near misses’ during a tempo run.
  • -4 degree temperatures + strong wind= -13 ‘real-feel’ temperatures on exposed skin.
  • Starting your run into the wind (on that day with the -13 windchill)= brain freeze and nearly turning back to the house to head to the gym…I pushed through it though and it made the section with the wind on my back quite pleasant.
  • Calgary Chinook+ a few back to back cold runs= +4 degrees and a really nice sunny run that I was actually over dressed for!!

Moral of the story=Winter running is always interesting, especially in Calgary!

Oh yeah…FYI: if you still have your Halloween decorations up on your lawn…your local neighbourhood runner does notice, and it is…

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Embracing Winter

It was brought to my attention that my last few posts have been about the weather!! I can’t help it, it’s in my blood to talk about the weather–Canadian & Dutch–both LOVE to talk about the weather, so it comes naturally!

Anyway, I’ve decided to make the most of the winter and be excited for the snow. Skate ski, snowshoe and downhill ski season are almost here!

Bundle up and head outdoors!!

On a triathlon note, started more structured training the past few weeks. The body has been protesting to doing work again, but the post-Beijing weight needs to go!!

Remembrance Day today. Remember those who fought to keep us safe.



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Is it cold out here, or is it just me?!

After many hours researching on the web and finding verification on Web MD, I’ve diagnosed my problem…I have Australwimpitis! After skipping winter for two years in a row to train in Australia, I’ve become quite adverse to the cold! The worst part is that it really hasn’t been cold yet!! The last couple days have been 16 degrees!! Today, 17! While most locals were cycling and running practically naked, I still had multiple layers on!!
Richard and I did get a rare November ride to Elbow Falls (that is in the mountains for those not from here!), it was amazing! Richard was wearing just his jersey and shorts, I had 3/4 length shorts, a short & long sleeve jersey and some arm warmers on for good measure–but the scenery was fantastic!

Well, I have to find more of my winter gear…winter is supposed to show up this week with snow in the forecast….I may re-think my decision to winter in Calgary!!

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Running, wind, and camping!

Well, this week was a week of running. My legs are protesting a bit since they haven’t been worked this hard in awhile! On the weekend I headed out east for a run along the river, it was going well until I turned back and headed west! The notorious westerly winds were blowing furiously down the river valley, making my return to the car a challenge! The last 25min I ducked onto the Douglas Fir trails and ran the rolling paths and stairs in there to get away from the wind. Then on Sunday I was convinced to run the Confed Park x-country relay run. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a bit wet….it has been over 2 months since I have put in a “race-pace” effort, the legs hurt and the lungs burned, but I remembered why I enjoy racing so much!

Next up? A school camping trip with my niece! As luck would have it, the weather is supposed to be nice this week, so hopefully we stay warm! The kids have to build…

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