Sun, Sand and Dunes!

My Day in the sun finally came! I had been promised that the weekend was going to be nice and sunny….saturday was overcast with showers (no surprise) and sunday looked like it might turn out to be the same when a thunderstorm rolled in just as we were heading out to the coast! We waited out the storm and left late afternoon for a run workout in the dunes and some beach time. It was great!

Here’s the beach at Bloemendaal….note the grass covered dune ridge in the background…..

My first experience of a Dutch beach!
Walking down the dune ridge to the sea….
The dunes, tons of trails/paths to run and ride on! Apparently they have an Xterra race in this area…the run up from the water would be killer!

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The Sun and the Run Make an Appearance!

What is that bright object in the sky…it hurts my eyes…After ~3 weeks, the sun came out for almost 2 days!! That was AFTER the race of course!
Me on the run course in Holten, finally a decent run time!
Riding Tandem with Om Fred!
I raced in Holten this past weekend. It is a town in the east-central province of Overijssel. Since we weren’t racing until 12:45 we drove to the race in the morning. The race start was ~10k away from the town and T2, making for some complicated logistics with respect to gear and transportation!

The swim start was another interesting one in a narrow channel, I didn’t even here a horn/gun for the start just felt everyone swim over top of me! I managed to recover from the horrible start and get into the lead pack of girls on the bike. I tried to organize the group but the effort level wasn’t there and we were caught by 4 more girls after ~15k. I stayed in the front of the group and had a…

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Potential Father’s Day present…

A Dutch garden gnome….if it weren’t for weight restrictions, I’d be taking this home for a father’s day present!! It looks like it is the pigs entrails in the basket….yummy!

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More pictures!!

Here are some photos from European Champs. Thanks to Venetia Berk for the great pictures!

Wetsuit removal…note all the water coming out of it…see post below…..
On the bike #28
Bike again…3rd from the front…
The dismount…
On the run…

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Rain, Races and Wetsuit Strippers…

Transportation; Euro Style…..

In the water at Dutch Nationals…..

On the bike with Birgit….
Rain, Rain, go away!! Dutch Nats and Euro Champs (it’s a long one…)

We’ll I’ve been here for 2 weeks now and I think I’ve seen rain, sometimes in the form of torrential downpours sometimes just sprinkles, everyday since my arrival! Oh wait, it was sunny and 27 the day I landed, but then I think it rained that night!!??

Dutch Nationals were on the June 23rd in Stein, which is in the south of the country (Limburg), between rainstorms! There were only ~15 women on the start list and 2 were sick and DNS. Right from the horn it was only myself and Birgit Berk in the running for the title (we had a 3 min lead out of the water!). We swam side by side and biked together for the whole 40k. Onto the run I knew I was going to have a difficult time as my lower back, hamstring and glute muscles were super tight! I tried to push through it…

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Dag! Hoe gaat het met jou? (Hi, how’s it going?)

Well I made it to the Netherlands. The flight wasn’t too bad, “slept” for most of the flight since Martin Air charges 12 euros for movies (everyone knows I would never pay that!)! Nicole and Dan (from Calgary–they are here for a week and I am staying with them until Sunday) picked me up at the airport in Schipol, along with the Dutch National team coach, Adrie. We went straight to see the pool and where Adrie lives—I am staying at his place next week and for the remainder of my trip.

So far things are good. I am having a bit of a tough time with all the Dutch since my brain has to translate everything–I sometimes get lost in the conversation…I’m sure it will get better over the next month!! This week has been about getting over the jet lag and getting a few workouts in before the nationals on Saturday night. Above are a few pictures of our first bike ride and swim in s’Graveland (where Nicole’s aunt lives).

Well, back to practicing Dutch!!

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Welcome to my blog—yes, I have finally admitted that I am a delinquent e-mailer and have really not been the best at keeping in touch with everyone!! In my defense; the time has flown by this year–Starting with the Australia training camp in February and March and a little trip to Hawaii and Japan in April. I then had a short stop home, with a quick weekend in Mexico thrown in, then a mini-training camp in Victoria, back home for a week and then back to Vancouver for another race! That brings me to June! Phew!!

As most of you know, I am racing for the Dutch National Triathlon Team this year. I have dual citizenship with Canada and the Netherlands and chose to race for the Dutch this year—which is very exciting!! The Dutch team has been very supportive and positive!

So far my racing has been hopeful; I had a great swim/bike in Australia World Cup(was even leading the race for a bit!) but my run wasn’t quite ready yet (I had a leg injury in Feb/Mar). I…

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