The weather in Calgary took another turn for the worst. It’s been -20ish the last couple days, and this meant that I had to do my long run on the treadmill (TM) at the gym. Boring!
So, if you were wondering what goes through my head or occupies the time while running in one spot for an hour and half…here is goes:

-Australian Open on TV, watch a match and a half, pretend that I am in Australia running.
-count the number of Lululemon outfits at the College gym on friday afternoon…stopped counting at 30…
-focus on run form every second 5 minutes
-wonder why the heat is on in the gym (the vent is above me), solve all the weeks problems–exercise helps me focus.
-watch big-muscle-tattoo-guy get his skinner-than-a-tooth-pick girlfriend spot him while he incline pressed an obscene amount of weight. Wonder if anyone else is worried that she is fixing her hair while spotting him…
-count the number of muscle shirts being worn in the gym…
-focus on run form and play “technique police” and spot all in the gym with improper lifting technique–a pet peeve of mine.
-watch every second of the last 5 minutes tick by and hope that the weather is better next week for my 2 hour base run!!

It wasn’t very exciting, but I got through it! It’s supposed to warm up next week, so hopefully no TM again!!